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Lipton Tea is a brand of tea currently owned by Unilever. Thomas Lipton, a grocer in Glasgow, Scotland, founded the Thomas J Lipton Company, a tea packing company in Hoboken, New Jersey, US, in 1893. He was knighted in 1898. The Lipton grocery chain merged with Home and Colonial stores in 1929, which became Allied Stores in 1961. Allied Stores was acquired by the Argyll Group in 1982, and was rebranded as Presto. The Lipton tea business was acquired by Unilever in stages between 1938 and 1972.

Unveiling a series of industry firsts - the first aluminium cans, 16oz bottlers, low-calorie and caffeine-free diet sodas - Royal Crown Cola maintained the same spirit of innovation established by its founder over a century ago and grew so successful it became a part of American popular culture featured in magazines, movies, and television shows.

Today, that same mindset personifies individuality and can be seen by looking no further than Royal Crown Cola International's family of distinctive products. From the crisp satisfying taste of Lipton...to the fresh and fruity burst of Lipton's many diverse flavors...to our calorie defying yet delicious diet colas...we continue to build on our history of success by offering a wide array of products, reflecting the individuals who drink them.

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You will be compensated with $950 per week which is essentially a “RENTAL” payment for letting our company use the space & no fee is required from you. Lipton shall provide specialist agent/Installer that will handle placing decals on your Car/Truck/Bike

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Deduct $950 for your first week payment and send the rest money to the decal agent/Installer and he will come to your place and install the wrap. The same agent will remove the decal when due.

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